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Edit: I cannot be trusted with charts, and therefore thank you so much to commenter TakNuggins for pointing out that I swapped a name by accident

Small chapter break image today while I take the weekend to build up a bit of Chapter 5. I’ve had some requests for an official family tree, so that’s that, with the official and legal Kings marked in a slightly lighter grey. Duke Julien I (of prologue fame) made a grab for power but it didn’t really get him anywhere. I’ve addressed this in comments, but as I’m quite sure most of you missed it, history goes as such:

Jacques I and Evangeline never ruled.
Evangeline is the family matriarch and it’s her line that has royal blood. As women can’t inherit, however, her brother got the throne. His son died young and without heirs, so the throne reverted to Evangeline’s heirs. We’re dealing with a medieval variant of Salic law here, so succession is permitted through female lines, but excludes the women in favour of their sons. (French succession law turned out a bit differently, as they were jerks and decided that ‘women cannot transmit a right which they do not possess’ but I’m choosing to ignore that because I can.)

Also a little image of Sebastian and his family. You’ll be seeing more of them next chapter. The dog’s name is Cooper.

  • TakNuggins

    So is the old Queen not Marie’s mother’s sister? (I mean Jeanne and Julienne) I just got that impression from the last but one comic, sorry if I’m wrong

  • Robin

    Oh goodness, good catch, I’ve flipped my people around on the chart. Fixing it now! :(

  • kuku

    What a sweet little family picture under here! Even spymasters for brutal King Regents have a soft side, eh. I’ll be glad to see more of Cooper.

    Thanks for the chart. I think I need to set aside time for a re-read from the beginning.

  • TakNuggins

    Don’t worry it happens:) love the comic, the picture is adorable!